Inventory Module

Easily import & export data

An effortless in and out of data into your master data records allows you to maintain your master data with ease. Export any of your reports in Excel or PDF format as and when required.

Importing your master data in Cloud ERP is only 3 step process. Step 1: download Excel template for desired master data, Step 2: fill in your data in Excel format and Step3: Upload your filled in Excel file to import the master data. Cloud ERP will display results of the import on your screen with success or failure message along with the reason of failure.

You can also import master data from Tally XML file.

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You can post goods receipts at the time of arrival of new stock at your location, which can be about a previously created purchase order or without a purchase order. Cloud ERP records goods receipts transaction for various vendors.

Seawind also captures other details of delivery like despatch date, despatch document number, vendor invoice details, etc. through which you can get a complete report of goods receipts.

It captures the store details along with the unit of measurement which lets you know about the store of the goods to which they are being received.

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You can post-sales delivery transactions against sales orders or without an order of the respective customer. The sales delivery will allow you to not only capture the customer name and address details but also will record delivery details like despatch document number, despatch mode, number of packs, and other details relevant details.

Referencing with sales order helps to maintain and track pending deliveries against sales orders.

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Move stock between your different locations with stock transfer transaction. You can set up as many stock locations as you need. Cloud ERP enables you to capture details like your stock transfer type, items with their codes, store details, the number of items, and its unit of measure.

The stock transfer transaction in inventory also helps you to record loss of items, production, or conversion of items.

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Inventory management in Cloud ERP helps you to maintain your items and their stock levels in multiple locations. You can also have multiple Units of measurements for your stock items.

You can define multiple item groups and place your items under respective groups for further reporting of stock.

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Cloud ERP offers a wide variety of reports related to inventory transactions. You can also export these reports in Excel or PDF format. The different reports generated from Cloud ERP are

  • Stock Summary
  • Stock Ledger
  • Goods Receipt Register
  • Sales Delivery Register
  • Purchase Register
  • Sales Register
  • Stock Transfer Register
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